As companies continue to look at ways to reduce costs and add to revenues, outsourcing has become a popular choice.  A company's management sometimes has a misconception in regards to the actual costs of what certain in-house services or departments cost a company, such as sales, recruiting, operations support and marketing.  Below is a list of costs that are potentially eliminated for a company by outsourcing services to a company like R&D.

Employment Benefits  (Health - 401K - Pension)
Vacation & Sick Time
Training & Support
Office Space and Supply Costs
Travel & Entertainment Expenses
Advertising Costs
Payroll Taxes


TOP REASONS TO OUTSOURCE (Example - Sales Force)


COST REDUCTION:  Usually the number one reason for outsourcing.  Outsourcing your sales will reduce your staffing costs and marketing expenses.

TURNING FIXED COSTS INTO VARIABLE COSTS: R&D has some sales programs that are paid on performance.  This means your company only pays for actual sales coming in the door which cuts monthly overhead.

SALES PROFESSIONAL: Hiring and firing sales staff can be expensive and very time consuming. R&D knows one thing and that is sales.  We create the sales focus and environment for sales success so you don't have to.

TIME TO FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS: Focus on running and managing your business.  Running and managing an in-house sales team takes company Ownership/Management away from the most important thing in business, "RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS"!